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Feeling stressed and depressed
Hello everyone hope you are all doing fine.
And writing this to plead for help. It has been quite a while now since I lost my job. 
I have not been lucky to secure one yet. Currently am totally out of savings. Am not 
Able to afford my house rent which has accumulated to 300 dollars neither can I afford food.
I can not access my house right now because am locked out.
Please am requesting if you can help me raise 300 dollars to settlement the house rent I will 
Highly appreciate.

Also now that am seeking for employment I will really appreciate if you can recommend me to any available 
Work opportunities be it online or onset jobs.  I have diploma in early childhood education.
Am in Kenya, Nairobi city. 
For the one willing to help me raise the money, here is my PayPal donation link:
Incase you are experiencing any challenge with the link this is my PayPal email account

Thanks you very much for sparing me time to read my long post. Be blessed

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