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Struggling and Alone single mum and daughter
This road has been long and lonely, but I will keep my story short and sweet today. I am a 29 year old single mum with a 6 year old daughter. We live in South East QLD and due to the rental crisis here, we just spent the last five months with our possessions in storage and strange pillows which we’d lay our heads to rest. I finally got offered an apartment an hour away from my friends and daughters family, which is far too expensive for me to afford. But I had to take what I could, as I was not only battling homelessness, but I was also battling the custody of my daughter too. I have been here a month and still have managed to get help with only one trailer load of my furniture. The car I use to own, it was crashed into by an old man who didn’t give way, now I also have the burden of walking to every destination, and the worry of figuring out how I will drive my daughter an hour away to drop her and pick her up from her fortnightly visits with her dad. Yesterday I got declined for a low income no interest loan for a vehicle, from the very people who are meant to help out people in positions like me. I am a woman of pride and it takes alot for me to admit I’m struggling and need help, but I would be so so grateful for any donation you may be able to make. I have left you with a very short version of events, but if you have any questions please ask. I’m more than happy to tell. 

To wake up one day soon without the feeling of gloom and dread, at the day of worrying that I know lay ahead, would be Beautiful. Will you help me fix this Disaster?

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