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Medical Operation Help Desperately Needed
Hey Everyone,
Short Version:
I'm in need of money for an Operation because of my Pectus Excavatum, which basically means that I have a massively sunken in chest.
Long Version:
Since I've turned 14(I'm 19 now) I developed a strong sunken in chest. This has allways bothered me and it keeps getting worse. Because it will likely not end my life(but still affects my breathing a lot), I will have to pay for the full Operation myself. Now, I don't have a lot of money, I'm a student and even working part time but what is needed is way to much for me.
Now I am gonna be honest, still the thing that bothers me most is how it makes me look. I allways had bad self esteem but this just makes my anxiety skyrocket. I don't go swimming, I don't go on dates, I don't really talk about this with anyone, all because I don't want anyone to see me and my problem. And thinking I am gonna live like this my whole life, or even just my youth, it really crushes my spirit and my will to live. Maybe this isn't relatable to some, maybe it is. I have trouble sleeping and allways tear up when thinking about my destiny, I just want this to end... but the good way.
So if anyone is reading this and would like to help me financially, I would be so glad, and I would pay you back in any way I could except financially ofc. I make music and write poems, maybe I could write one for you as thanks Smile

If you have any questions or want pictures as proof:


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