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Hoping someone on this site can help me!
I would consider myself your average person...grew up in a relatively stable family environment, went to college, began a good career.
When I was in my early 20's, I thought I would be married with kids by 25. Boy, was I wrong! lol
The marriage part happened much later for me, and the kids part has yet to come to fruition :-(
I have always been a giving and generous person. I've been told many times that I am too nice (which I consider a sad state of our social constructs as a society).
The last couple of years has proved really challenging for me. I was laid off for the first time ever and it took me almost 14 months to land a new job (Pandemic!)
Additionally, I am dealing with the realization that I may never be a mother and that this isn't where I expected to be at this point in my life.
Being unemployed has set me back financially and I am struggling to catch up. I can not get a conventional loan as my credit was destroyed when I was forced to file for bankruptcy as a result of being laid off.  The stress of this debt is consuming me and causing me immense mental and physical anguish.

Is there anyone out there who can help me?$commongal
Please, is there anyone who can help me? I am drowning and feeling hopeless. Please help me!
Just wanted to post a quick update to let the folks who read my post know that I have not received any assistance yet and any help would be greatly greatly appreciated!  Happy New Year to all who read this.
I don't think there is any help out there tbh.
Happy new year to you and wishing you a brighter future x
Hi Mummy of 4bg,

It is very disillusioning, I know.  Especially, when the only people that respond are scammers.  But, we have to hold out for hope!  Happy New Year to you as well and wishing you a better future too!  Heart  Mummyof4bgMummyof4bg
Lots of them about. Fingers crossed for you ? . I was pm about help and to contact someone, for them to keep saying I have to buy a gift card for them to send me funds. Total rubbish.
Wish people would understand we haven't come here as prey. We are in need of urgent help ?..
Thank you ⭐️
That is total rubbish Mummyof4bg.  Don't fall for any of that.  Anyone who truly wishes to help us would never ask for money!  This harrowing experience has opened my eyes to how much deceit and evil there is in this world.  I honestly have a hard time understanding how people can be okay to prey on folks who are desperate and need help.  It is so sad and disillusioning.  I fear we are lost as a society  Sad

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