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I need to get my husband home
Hello. On October 24th, my husband was cleaning out our car before our trip back home to Alabama because our son needed to get back to school (he missed a week and a half because we had to come back to Florida for a family emergency). As he was cleaning the car, a neighbor had called Jacksonville sheriff's office and reported him as breaking into our own vehicle. When the officer had arrived it was very clear my husband was not breaking into our own car however him and the officer on call have had a few prior experiences that ended not in his favor so the officer immediately detained him and illegally searched the vehicle in hopes to find any reason to arrest him. In this search he had found in our 14 almost 15 year old son's bookbag, a pair of brass knuckles that neither one of us had known about. Because he is a 6 time convicted Florida felon he got charged with possession of a weapon even though he had no knowledge of it being in there and is facing 15 years in prison with a $20,000 bond. All I need is $2000 to bond him out unfortunately with having to take my stepson back home and COVID being a key factor in our financial matters, I don't just have the extra $2000 laying around. Every option I could think of to get the extra money has been exhausted and failed me miserably. This was the last thing I could think of. Is he a convicted felon? Yes. Has he been responsible for why he's getting arrested in the past? Most definitely. Is it the case now? No because neither of us even knew our child owned a pair of brass knuckles, also he has been working his ass off for the last few years to stay out of trouble and turn his life around. Last year he turned himself in and did a total of 15 months (3 months longer than he was sentenced) to finally get his charges from 4 years ago done and over with. He just came back home to me in August and then this happens.... I just want my baby home. He's already missed Halloween and is missing Thanksgiving. Help me get him home before Christmas so that we both can spend the rest of the holidays together with our children as a family with him physically here instead of from behind a phone screen. I miss him so much and have been stressing extra to get him home. I have no one else there for me in my life except for my husband and our kids. Thank you in advance. Any donations can be sent to my cash app $PrincessBitch07

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