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Want out of poverty. Need help to help myself.
Asking for help to purchase a vehicle. 
I have a plan in place that will show that I am willing and able to do something to change my circumstances and am asking for a helping hand to make this plan happen. 
The circumstances:
I am a 54 year old woman on SSI. I recieve approx $800 a month because I am considered disabled due to lung issues. I have no ther income. I am asking for help because I just don't know what else to do. 
My hope is to get off SSI by securing a full time job. I also am in the process of registering to attend school (I've filled out FAFSA) so that, ultimately, I may get off SSI and become 100% self sufficient. This is a processs and could take minimum of a year to finish.  Due to my lack of a vehicle, I cannot interview for jobs, cannot attend school (I need to be in class, I've tried online before and need more instruction than online offers.) I have little access to my grand children who live in another part of the country and I am basically stuck at home. Even finding rides to the store have proven to be difficult. My entire SSI goes to paying bills. Even if I could procure a vehicle loan, I don't have the ability to pay it back or for that matter, make a payment. I have been applying for remote work from home employment for 3 solid months with no interest from any companies so far.  That's why I am making a plea for help to buy a car. I need to be able to get to a job and live a life.  Im getting older and I am scared and have noone to help me except maybe strangers. My family isn't in financial  a position to help and they don't live nearby or they would. My only living parent is in his 80' and os on a fixed income himself. 
The nature of my disability doesn't prevent me from working. I have lung disease so things like simply walking to a bus stop and walking the few blocks from a bus stop to an office are simple actions for some but over whelming some days for me. But I could certainly take any non- physical type postion if I could get there. I moved across the country to move in with a friend because of my finances and I have no friends here and noone to ask for help from. My family isn't in a position to help. I don't own anything or i would sell it.
Having a vehicle would provide me a way to get employment, live a  meaningful life and help me to get off of government aide once and for all. 
I certainly don't believe the world owes me anything and there are others with much greater need than I. I feel some shame even asking for help.
If you are considering helping and need verification of anything, I am happy to provide it. 
Thank you for reading this. God bless those of you who are able to help others. I hope to be on that side of the fence soon. 
Love and gratitude, 

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