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Fighting Homelessness for me and my Family
Hello all, 

My husband and I have been struggling since just before Covid and the lockdowns. He lost his job due to his store closing down unexpectedly in our area and hasn't been able to find steady work since. I have been working at the same retail place for over 2 years now and seemingly getting nowhere. I have been trying to find better jobs in my area but the only ones that I have found require degrees I don't have. All we need is a little hand up so we can catch up on rent and cover living costs. We have a few possibilities for work that would help us climb out of debt for good but they require a laptop. Unfortunately we don't have the money to spare for something like that. My husband needs to get back to work soon. He is a Navy veteran and has done everything he can think of over and over but he is losing hope. If we could just get $1,500-$2,500 I know we could get out of this hole for good. We have reached out to many local churches and have been on waiting lists for low income housing for over a year now but they have not contacted us about any openings as of yet. We have been forced to stay in a hotel for the past 2 years and it is getting harder and harder to keep our room. My job also keeps cutting my hours. There are several opportunities that my husband and I could take advantage of if we could start one of the work from home jobs that we have found recently. However the window of opportunity on any of the ones we have found is limited. If we don't get something soon we won't make it till the end of the year. I have done everything I can think of to get us on the right track but I am out of ideas and we are nearly out of time. We are already behind on rent and If we can't get at least $350 within the next week or so we are gonna be out on the street. While I am very anxious about my husband and I, we also are very worried for my Mom who is a few states away. Her health is declining and while she does have friends nearby I am the only one of her children that care for her and I would like to get stable as soon as possible so I can get her moved in with me so I can care for her personally. Thank you for your time.

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