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Just a little help for a birthday gift
Hi! Umm i don't really know how to ask for this but I guess I'll start with some context. I'm from Perú and I have a girlfriend who's from Mexico. We've been in a long distance relationship for a while and we try to visit each other whenever we can (which is not usually as both of pur economic status are... Eh~). Last year was the last time I got to visit her at least for the holidays but this year things seem much more complicated. The economic situation is not stable, and the price of the dollar has risen since last year to the point where I can't really afford visiting her.. and here's where I ask for a little help. Last year we got animal crossing (well, I got it, for my Switch... But we both played on the console and even have a shared Island)) and I wanted to gift her a console so we could play together even apart.. but the money I saved had to be used for More important things and the situation isn't helping me save enough for that. I don't really think it's important if it's a normal or a lite, but I'd like to gift her one for her birthday, or at least Christmas, to at least be "together" in the game. I hope this doesn't seem too selfish or.. anything like that... I've just been struggling a bit to get the money and feel a little upset sometimes when I see people buying another console just to get another island or doing weird stuff tho theirs like submerging it into water just to proof a "waterproof case" ... I'd just want to gift her one to share something more while we can't be physically together yet...

Thanks a lot just for reading and..thanks a lot if you can help this little cause Blush
I think here's where I put my PayPal link..

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