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Potential To Pay It Forward In Time
I am a recently divorced mom of 3 (11y.o. son, 9y.o. daughter & 4 y.o. son).

I am a Psychologist by career; however I was laid off and had been receiving pandemic unemployment benefits.  They have since been pending adjudication for several months, and I was notified I potentially owe over $10,000 in restitution for a false claim as my former place of employment indicated I resigned. This WAS NOT the case, and I have since submitted all my paperwork proving otherwise. I should mention that my place of employment was a hospital and I never received anything by phone, writing or in person from HR or the manager of my department. It has been months without a check, my checking account is in the negative, and  I have been ordered to pay child support due to my potential to make more than my ex. In the interim my poor credit is worsening and I’m unable to qualify for any sort of loan or credit card whatsoever.   

Since our divorce was finalized my ex has opened up a completely new business for which he has also needed to be present from morning until night.  I am living in his home and he’s not pressuring me to leave; however he’s unavailable to physically help with the kids during the 50% of the time that he would legally  have them, which has made pursuing work that much more difficult. 

Next comes the house where our family has lived for the past 12 years, which had been under the name of my ex in-laws. My ex, who was in business with his father, had his mortgage payments taken  out of the business; therefore I was left with nothing to do with the home,  in addition to not having my name on any of the vehicles. With our divorce having occurred during the pandemic, he was somehow able to proceed without my knowledge nor signature while I thought our paperwork had remained on hold for us to seek counseling. So there is literally a stamp on the signature line of the divorce papers where my name is typed.  I am not sure of the legalities of this nor of other falsehoods in the paperwork, but I’m not currently in a position to financially or emotionally counter this. I am also not here to bash my ex as he is a very hard worker and provider; however he is in the initial debt phase of a new business.   So, I am only providing this information as it pertains to my current situation and financial battle. 

Just prior to my unemployment checks being withheld, I invested  in an options trading service that would have begun to yield enough financial growth and stability to begin to fulfill my potential to get us all on our feet and moving in a positive direction towards our own housing.  The potential was great as I decided to pursue this avenue to remain a SAHM while saving/planning towards my ultimate career/business goal. 

This would be for an online platform called sAFe spACe for Alcohol Free AuthentiConnections, with a long term goal towards a brick and mortar holistic center and sober bar.   My daughter and I  also have created a logo and ideas for a youth website called God Vibes. I’ve taken a plethora of courses on Udemy and Coursera and have tons of material and knowledge built up, but I ended up on overload with too many open tabs in my mind, that I didn’t know where to begin.   So I share that because I’m not solely seeking money, as I would also be open an appreciative of actual guidance, tools, specific direction, etc, towards those goals….kind of like a shark tank opportunity to be taken under a pilots wing. 

Unfortunately, I have no financial grounds to start at the moment, so I would be more than appreciative for the momentum to pick me back up.  I will attach pics to support what I’ve shared. 

I also promise to be fully transparent and accountable and 1000% trusted to fulfill my potential and pay it forward. So if there’s any questions, I will answer them or any thoughts, I will share.   I will start with the admission that i have a history of alcoholism which has prompted my passion for my career goals. This is because  I want to share the path to alcohol freedom from which I’ve never looked back since 3.10.19 despite many stressors along the way. 

So with that being said,  please have faith to invest in me knowing I will pay it forward.

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