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Need help with expenses
Greetings. This is the first time I am posting a thread on this site, however I have tried this on other sites as well due to how much I need help.

I am an unemployed father of two kids, and right now it is my wife who is supporting the family. We have expenses to cover hand her pay is not cutting it.

I am still looking for employment, while taking care of the kids to be able to pitch-in properly.

At minimum, I need about $1,000 to get keep up with the expenses we are trying to cover, mostly for the kids' tuition fees.

My only source of potential income is "mining" for bit using free browsers that has gotten me nowhere (about $1.09), and I have yet to be hired by anyone.

I am trying to complete $1000 in the next couple of hours because we have bills due beginning in about 7 ours from now, and any amount of help will be greatly appreciated.

Message me about where to send any donations.

Thank you.

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