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Sway's Struggle
[attachment=693][attachment=693]Hi everyone,

have you ever had life just flip and turn doing a complete 180? That is the best way to describe me. I was working in a job I loved. I had bills caught up, a truck and a car, actually was able to start thinking about saving money. I was a single mom of 4 and would work 2 or more jobs my entire life, doing whatever was needed to pay bills ad take care of kids. I have started over so many times you would think I would be used to it. I tried college twice and had to withdraw for kids, bills, a new place to live. I would and still do whatever I can for others cause I know what it is like to struggle. 
Working so much I didn't realize the damage I was doing. Everyone gets back pain, feet pain, body aches at the end of 15 hur day. I didn't know I had a herniated disk and the pains I was having eventually got to be too much. I had MRI's done on left leg and they couldn't find a problem so they tried the back for an MRI. Wouldn't you know before the results were in it happened. I was on a day off woke up like any other Sunday morning wanting to make breakfast cause Sunday's are Sunday family Fun Days. It would usually just be alot of friends that were like family and my kids if they chose to come by. I reached in my freezer to pull out sausage and there was a slip, a severe sharp pain, and I went to the floor. I ruptured the disk in my back by reaching for sausage. Who knew. 
I had an instant surgery but after that there was so much muscle and nerve damage already done another surgey was going to be needed. I got pulled from work, lost insurance, home, cars, surprisingly a lot of friends. 
I have been on disabilty for 2 years now and just started getting medicare. My one suregry still needed turned into 2. I apparently tore the meniscus in my right knee from the overcompensation of it having to support my keft side for so long. 
I have asked people, I don't have many friends anymore since once you stop offering help because you have no way to help them, they become distant and not good friends. My kids can't help me and I have reached the ultimate swallow my pride and ask for help. It is not easy for the ones I have tried asking for help all want something in it for them. I have one roll of TP left, I can't do laundy, no car, phone disconnected, about to be evicted and still have 2 suregeries to worry about. I am enrolled in college again taking online courses at CCU for my degree in Health Adminstration. I am actually begging for someone to help me. Anything is greatly appreciated. 
Thank you,

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