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Just struggling
Hey guys,
I’m just going to to be completely 100% honest. I need help. I had a recent death in my family and it set me behind really bad because I had to go out of state for two weeks. I also had to help with the cremation. 
A couple of weeks ago I had a really bad issue with my car the needed to be fixed and I lost every bit of my savings. 
Now I’m a month and half behind on rent 650$ total, my car note is due 203$ and I have three kids and ones birthday is the 24th of July. 
I’m flat freakin broke. I do work full time and I try to work side gigs like instacart and doordash. However I can’t leave a bunch of sexually frustrated teenagers alone to long. 
I currently owe my mother 500$ because of the help she’s given me, my credit card is maxed out and while I’m playing catch up on bills and trying to put food on the table I’m just completely lost. 
I’m asking for 5000.$ that gets me completely caught up on everything and food. That also provides me the two tires I need on my suv and a half decent birthday party for my daughter. The rest goes into savings to make sure I don’t wind up like this again. 
Anything helps, anything at all. So thank you in advance anyone who reads this and donates. Much love y’all. 
Cashapp - $agiraldi12 
Venmo - @anjellyfish30

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