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Need help - Young widow and special needs son
My name is Courtney and I am a widowed single mom with a child with special needs. My husband died almost a year ago very suddenly at the age of 40.

He had suffered from diabetes for ten years and seemed to finally be getting his health back on track. Unknown to both of us, his body had already been damaged beyond repair by the disease. 

In June of last year, he suddenly got sick and was in the hospital for two weeks with his kidneys failing. He was on dialysis the whole time and even had to be put in a medically induced coma for half the time he was there.

Because of Covid, he had to suffer through all of this alone with me anxiously waiting at home for news. Finally, at the end of the two weeks, the doctor said that he was well enough to return home with the understanding that he would be on dialysis for the foreseeable future.

We were both ecstatic because it had been the longest time the two of us had been separated since we were married two and a half years before. He came home and seemed more like himself than he had in months. I was overjoyed to have him near again and that night he said he felt like he was in heaven. Neither of us could possibly know that it would be our last night together.

The next day, he was sluggish and tired. I thought it was just because he was recovering and I let him sleep. But by the afternoon, I was starting to get concerned. 

Suddenly, laying beside him in bed, I realized that I no longer heard any sounds coming from him. I tried to rouse him but there was no response. He was laying heavily on his side with his face obscured, so I could not see what was happening.

After continued frantic attempts to wake him, I struggled to turn him over so that I could see his face. 

When I finally did, I was terrified to see that it was blue. He wasn’t breathing and I could feel no heartbeat. I called 911 and attempted CPR in my panicked state with no results. The paramedics came quickly and worked for thirty minutes, but he was already gone and would not come back. My love was gone and I didn’t know what to do.

My son and I moved back to Louisiana from Mississippi to be near my family. Ever since then I have been struggling to build a life after my husband’s tragic death. 

Since he was the primary provider for me and my son, we have had a very hard time making ends meet. I have also been experiencing health problems that make it hard for me to work. I am currently working part time but it’s just not enough to cover our living expenses, yet I make too much to qualify for government assistance.

I am in a desperate situation right now because I have about $1500 worth of bills that are either coming due or past due and I only have $38 in my bank. I’ve maxed out my credit cards and can’t get a loan, so I’m really in a bind. If anyone can help me, even a little bit, I would be so grateful. Please find it in your heart to give, every little bit helps.

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