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Hello, everybody!?
Can't believe I'm doing this but since this pandemic I have been left jobless and with no help from the government. I've had 0 income for months.. and struggled to stay afloat for so long but I have fully ran out of resources now and I'm reaching tipping point.. I don't want to ask for too much or anything at all really but.. I literally just ask for food for me and my cats (One is a baby kitten I have just rescued that needs more baby formula or 4week old kitten food) and litter if possible? So any donations. Anything at all. Any little help is a huge help for me! I know we're all going through the same atm that's why I'm only asking for a little loose change for food. And won't  even mention my rent because I still have a little time to figure that out, for now just food in the fridge would be amazing. Thank you so much♥️! 

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