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i really need your help, i love my school but im struggling with payment
my name is Jana, im 22 years old, and currently im sturggling with paying for my collage. i study design management and i absolutley LOVE my school! I had a plan to work while im studying but covid situation blew off my plans and i couldnt work at my regullar job. i was using my savings just to survive, for food and gas. i found some jobs but they were not permanent and it wasnt enough for me to pay for school.  i dont get any money from my parents so its basically all on me. it all started to get into my mental health i feel very low at this point of my life. so any kind of help would be welcomed! money is a real struggle. i would be SO SO SOOOO thankful if you could donate and help me a little bit. i havent payed even a single bill. everything went to just surviving. 
i wanna thank anyone who will help<3 
much love to you all. and i hope we can make this work! this is my paypal account if you wanna help and donate
with love, 

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