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Need money to pay bills
I hate to ask or even beg but I have been out of work since October 6 last year when I fell sick from a harden left side of my heart, POTS disease, and other numerological issues. I have worked since I was 15 years old and had very few short periods in between of having kids etc. Now at 38 the Drs are holding me back and not allowing me to go back until they can stop the passing out episodes I am having. I Feel useless and shame because now we me not working and Short Term Disability running out in the beginning of March 2021. I don't even know how I am going to pay rent, electric, and water or feed my family. I have put in with the FundKentucky link but recieved no response no money nothing. I'm just scared and I have another surgery well a biopsy this Friday the 23rd on a mass in my neck to see if its cancerous or not. Since October I have been admitted for surgery 3 times and this will be 4th procedure to be done. I'm just tired and worn out and I need help. 

I'm losing my faith that I have had since I was a child. I'm so tired of waking up in pain. I'm so tired of being a failure I just really need help to pay bills. I have cashapp if anyone could help me and I also am trying to sell Thrive unsuccessfully and Farmasi makeup but I guess I suck at that to because I have been trying for months with no sales. I'm just at a breaking point what good am I if I can support my kids?

Please help me if you can my cashapp tag is $gethouse82  sorry I don't have any other way to get money because I can't afford a bank account and my STD card is out. Thank you for taking the time to ready my post even if you don't help thank you for reading have a wonderful day.

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