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I am looking for financial aid to get me started again. For couple years ago my brother need a caretaker because he was in a wheelchair, on dialysis, heart troubles and almost blind. I did this without getting paid because he didn't want to on long term care program and have his options to see his specialist doctors. Well the utilities, car gas, car insurance were being paid by my brother with his SSI check.

My brother passed couple weeks and now I don't know what to do and I have to start all over again and need some help and support. I am trying to inquire about applying for financial assistance, but getting the run around by the different offices.

The house I am currently residing in was built in the early '70's and never remodeled. Today half the house (kitchen and restroom) is about to fall in, the front is all rotten and a tree is holding it up. The roof is down to the wood and looks like weather got to it. The ceiling is 90% gone and there long cracks in floor. The rest (bedrooms and living room) house has okay roof, some places are leaking, interior walls are crumbling. The whole bottom back wall is rotting away, while the windows are held together by packaging tape. The doors don't close right anymore. 

The house also is an energy eating monster, will not all heat with wood stove. Using space heaters makes the utility bill go up to $300.00 and even the summer is like that. 

I have been told that the house might be contributing to my health issues. 

I'm praying for k home built or mobile home on my Homesite.
Help me?

Thank you for your assistance and help.

Thomas Bradyp
Teec Nos Pos, AZ 
just need money for food! pay pal help!!!

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