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need help w food
I dont have a car so i have groceries delivered in houston tx with heb for $5.00
you can see I just need little help due to covid I had a job I worked as security but then we did sports events and concerts now its not safe with large gatherings and having to scan people.
Also with the texas winter storm there is a shortage in supply.

Bread is .88 cents
hot dogs are .88 cents

I am ok with just hot dogs and they are .88 I can live off hot dogs alone for while. So if you can support me for just little Visa E gift cards sent to my email or amazon E gift cards for my amazon fresh they delivery groceries for $5.00

so heb, amazon or uber cornerstore.

Either way it helps. You can also donate by


thanks god bless. I test my faith and see if God is real says in the bible ask and your shall recieve seek and you shall find. lets see if your real God. I pray for help.

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