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The true story of a dumbass who had everything*****Plz Read or whatever**
Hello my name is Mike and this is the true story of a dumbass who had everything.
Let's start in 2008 I'm an innocent 17 year old junior going to high school in colorado. I go to this party in fountain with my best friends and my brother. It's awesome bitches are dancing on the tables and shit, someone is burning out on their motorcycle in the house it's fuckin dope were all tucked up right?? Ok so me and this hot ass chick start making out I'm grabbing her ass it was crazy, I remember she was there with some dude but idk who the hell he was I hope he wasn't her boyfriend or anything. Ok so I'm making out with this chick when out of nowhere my best bros SISTER grabs me by my arm and pretty much forces me to go back to her apartment, she is 7 years older than me so I was like 17 and she was like 24. So we get to her apartment and I'm like o shit this is crazy so she pretty much took me upstairs, took my virginity, it was sexy awesome. I mean she's my best friends sister I feel bad but she sexy as fuck so I'm like fuck it. Turns out we really liked each other so for the next few years we are fucking non stop she has three of my boys that I love so much and life's good. Well fast forward to now I haven't seen my kids for like a month and she is not talking to me and her son (21) calls the cops if I try to go there, it's bullshit I'm a good guy never hit any of them you know just worked concrete construction which was exhausting and got fucked up probably more than I should have been I admit, way more. So over the past 12 years or so I have 3 awesome little dudes and me and her bin trying to make it work for them ya know. Years of constantly breaking up and making up, it's bullshit, it gets old. Long story short I'm in blackhawk at the casino, just got paid went straight up after work. Im playing some black diamond slots I'm so pissed I almost lost my whole like 800$ check( agAin) but then I hit like a $7500 jackpot with a $6 spin( swear on everything I have paperwork ) so I'm flying down. The mountain and get home at like midnight. Her son(21) is like being all gay trying to not lemme in the house like" what time is it man???" "Where you bin man??" I force my way in like "move before I fuck you up!" you know "get outta my fuckin business I'm 30 fuck off!!! " So his mom (my baby momma) comes out like " what's going on?" Im like "Rubens trying to not lemme in and he's all in my fuckin business!!) I think he was kinda faded I was soo pissed but I'm like whatever give her 1000$ go to bed, go to work in the morning ya know I had some cash so me and my amigos( I'm tongan) are drinking modelo all day and working it was dope. After work I buy a bottle of patron and go home. I get home ( kinda faded but feeling good). I was home with my three boys you know I had some money so I'm like " here's my bank card buy whatever on ur video games" like robucks, v- bucks, zombie maps, that kinda shit. They're like "hell yeah!" Im like "hell yeah!" So I'm kinda faded, I jump in the shower and I remember how pissed I was at Ruben so I was talking shit to his mom I think they were at best buy or something and I'm like fuck it imma beat his ass when they get here so maybe he will learn stay outta my business. Im his stepfather pretty much but it's not like Im abusive or beat his ass or anything like that , my stepfather never hit me so you know I did the same. He started hating me as a teenager (FUCK TEENAGERS BY THE WAY) but I was fucking his mom I'd be pissed too. Anyways my little dudes heard how pissed I was so they are texting their mom " mom don't come home, dads gonna kill Ruben" she flips out, I'm like "I didnt say was gonna kill him" i'm looking at my boys like"wtf" they are like "sorry". " I just said I was mad he was acting like that yesterday, I didn't say anything about killing him" she's like "whatever, fuck you I want you out!" Im like kinda drunk, she knows I have money so I'm like fuck you then I'll bounce. So I drive up to blackhawk, I'm stupid fucked up, lost like $5000 or whatever I had left and almost got arrested a couple times. It's been like almost a month and a half since I've talked to or seen any of them, I tried to go home a few weeks ago but Ruben called the cops as soon as I started knocking I'm like "wtf man?" The cops come and they tell me get my shit and go I'm like what the fuck, I live here, fuck you cops so I left. Ive been staying in my Subaru outback for a while now and it sucks I didn't even see my kids for Christmas or new years I'm super sad I feel like giving up?. I'll stay at a buddies and my mom's every now and then but I just wanna crawl in a whole and die. If any one out there is reading this $Mckugy is my cash app I just need money and if I get enough I'll give it all to her in hopes she will at least talk to me again?. I love her so so much and she's the only woman I've ever been with or loved, I don't want to be with any one else but I did a poor job showing it she's the best, she's a good mom, she doesn't drink or smoke, she would usually serve me dinner as soon as I got home, she's the only one who legit cared about me and my dumbass fucked it up and now I'm crying as I finish typing this on my stupid cracked phone?.
If you like my story or wanna hear more or wanna send me some money or need help moving hit me up 7205833206, $Mckugy,
If you really read all that I appreciate it......$Mckugy. Dam I forgot to put that cash app link somebody help me I'm starving over here!!!!!!

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