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Please help a family of 7 with money for food
Hey guys. After the pandemic hit our country Kenya, my family and I lost all our sources of income. We are 7 and I am the second eldest child. My parents got the virus and are recovering well. All our savings went to their treatment plus we took out some loans. We were evicted back in August but managed to get a temporary location to reside in. I just need money for feeding my family until we get a an income. I am actually crying typing this because I have tried everything legal to get a means of survival. All the freelance websites do not want anyone outside America and Europe and I am from Kenya, Africa. I really need help. Please save me and my family and I will forever be grateful.
PS: This is just the tip of the iceberg of what has happened to my family. We have no one left to help us.
Have a lovely day.

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