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I need help!!
Cashapp: £tillysummer
I’m 20 and the past couple of months I have been riddled with health problems (I had to be catheterised, got a head injury and I have started counselling for my declining mental health) because of all of this I have had to take a lot of time off work - meaning I have missed out on a LOT of money. I’ve had to use my savings and credit card to pay my bills this month And i am still short by £207. All in all I need £710 to pay back my saving and credit card card and back to where I was but honestly anything helps. My overall debt is £3000 but I  understand that is a very big amount and as long as I can get back to where I was I will be okay. Thankyou for reading and i am open goes ANY suggestions. I have attached pictures of my most recent payslip to prove I have had time off.

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