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Need help to get a floating
Hello my name is Steve. I am asking for help cause it is my last place to turn. I have almost brought myself to panhandle but i will try this first. I do work . I have a part time job at mcdonalds and i had another one at a hardee's.  Problem is i got fired for not being able to work certain days and times. Basically i was told that if i couldnt come in that they cant make accommodations even if it is because of another job.  This is not the first time i heard that and i know when i tell them i have a part time job that it is the reason they wont hire me . Idk what else to do. I been trying to find fulltime work but im getting so far behind. I have already sold my truck. My old silver coins i collected as a child with my grandpa. And some other odds and ends. I even went through my clothes and sold what i could that was nice and donated the rest. I still have enough clothes to where during a week. I just have to do laundry at least 1 time a week.  Im pretty well out of things to sell, besides myself, but i do that at McDonald's.  Im losing my apartment its o ly 600 a month.  I dont have a truck so i sold the truck and basically traded a car for some cash a d a scooter. This way i wont have insurance either.  Im behind a little bit and about to lose the place. I will be able to keep it and continue to afford it now that i have gotten rid of moat my bills from the cars.  But im 2 months behind and they have said it's this week or I'll find my stuff outside when i come home.  I can do without electric and i can do without heat but i cant do it with a place . If i lose this place i may lose my job. If i don't have a place im afraid it will be hard to get a job.  I will also have a harder time getting the money for first and last and security. To get in a new place.  Im only behind 2 months . Is there anyone in a place of enough financial stability to even loan it. We can exchange information . Just understand it will take a bit to slowly pay back.  Here is my paypal and its linked to my email so let me know please.  Www://

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