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Help With Tuition Fees

My name is Melanie Sanchez and I am a full time culinary student. I work part time at a restaurant, but it does not help me with the monthly bills such as rent, electric and tuition fees. My rent and electric bills are more easier to pay because it is not much. My tuition fees is what I struggle with paying monthly, I sometimes have to skip a month and save double to pay the next month. It is hard to make ends meet and sometimes I sacrifice things like meals and bus fare to make sure all my bills are paid. 

I am not asking for much, just for a bit to cover my tuition fees. I am no longer financially dependent of my parents since I started college and FAFSA isn't much help. I understand if you cannot help me, but if you can share this, that will be deeply appreciated. 

Thank you, 
Melanie Sanchez

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