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Single mom needs help asap
I am a single mom of 3, ages 16,12 and 6. We moved in with my parents after leaving an abusive relationship and have not been able to get a home of our own due to medical debt, lawyer fees, student loans and my oldest getting into college early. I work full time but am not able to pay off any debt or save for a home, I make just too much for any assistance. I am lost I have consolidated debt, I have sold all my belongings that I could, I honestly do not think anyone will be willing to help us out but I have to put it out there. It makes me sick that I am on a site begging for help but I am praying for a Christmas miracle and maybe someone will find it in their heart to help us out. I have over $25,000 in debt, not including my student loans. My credit is trashed due to being in collections so buying a house will not be possible unless we are gifted with a wonderful down payment. I became a mom at 16, worked my butt off to put my self through college and became a RN I am a fighter but I have nothing left and hope I can get some help. Thank you

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