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Please help me with a little amount
Hello everyone,
I am a 34 yo man and I am here to kindly ask for anyone's help to get me through the next couple of weeks!
It really hurts to beg for money but I really don't know where to turn my head to. 
At the moment I have no cash and I am struggling to buy food and basic things. 
It is frustrating because the last few weeks I've been working temporary jobs and I am currently  waiting to get paid for those jobs (refereeing and teaching) but I don't know exactly in which date the money will come in and in the meantime I'm in this awful situation.  Sad
On top of that my car broke down on Monday and I need to fix it as soon as possible elsewhere it will be a mess to be able to get to work the next weekends (at least I could arrange a lift from a colleague for the next weekend)

Just any help will do, really! If anything to buy some food  Shy

Please help me via this paypal link

Thank you from the bottom of my heart   

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