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bad luck streak for a venezuelan. need help
hello, and thanks for reading in advance.

i live in venezuela, and as you might know, we are in the most big crisis ever

but that is the beginning, my family lost our main source of income (30 years of work) because we could not continue, so i moved to a cheaper place, i dont even have lights in this place (every lightbulb costs 4 or 5$, minimum wage is 3$). also, i had to go my other place because there is no internet there, and i work as a freelancer online sometimes.

thing is, my computer´s motherboard was damaged. i can´t work as good without it, so i used some money to buy a new one. you should know here is no way to get a replacement without spending a ludicrous amount (any motherboard here costs 50% or 100% more) and its hard to find. so i had to buy it from amazon. thing is, the goberment started confiscating every piece of hardware to prevent us mining cryptocurrencies. so i had to ask for a return and refund, that might take up to 1 month "IF" i can actually return it.

with my last amount of money left, i asked someone to turn my paypal money in exchange for food. turns out i got scammed and lost 15$, that might look like a small amount, but is around a month of food here.

so here i am, i completely broken and my hope shattered by people desperated enough to rob you for food. i could keep going by myself when i get my pc back to work, but working for 3$ a month without food its too hard.

if you can contribute with a small amount, my paypal link is

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