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Newly single mum in need of help
Hi people,
After swallowing my pride I come in need of some help as I have no family to turn to and my friends are not in a situation to help.
My partner of 9 years has left me and my 1 year old son unexpectedly without him I am unable to pay our rent, i am currently applying for better paying jobs as I only worked 2 days a week as he wanted to be the one working.... I managed to get an interview with an IT company but they can't interview me for another few weeks never mind the training. Not only that I have just found out my father has recently been diagnosed with testicular cancer and I haven't got the money to travel and see him as he lives in Ireland. I feel as though my life is crashing down and sadly it it's all because of money, I don't k ow if these sites actually work and I feel embarrassed asking strangers for their hard earned money but I feel as though this is my last option. If anybody even if it's a penny to give I will be eternally grateful. 
Many thanks

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