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Rebecca's corneal surgery
At the age of 9 my parents found out that the reason of my poor school perfomance was my vision. After that, every time I had an appointment with my eye specialist, my vision was changing dramatically and in a bad way. I went from many pair of glasses and contact lenses. In 2004, I was able to get lasik done. My vision was great until 2010 that I got glasses prescribed again. Once again every year my eyesight is getting worse.  My doctor told me I need a treatment that is called Corneal Cross-Linked, to strenght the cornea of my eyes and avoid them to get weaker  or  I could eventually need a corneal transplant before a could become blind. This treatment is not cover by the insurance companies in USA, only paying cash (starting $3000 each eye plus traveling) and there is only one doctor in NM and one in CA that he recommends. I am doing my research and going to Costa Rica, the treatment,  airfare, examans and expenses will be  equal the cost of only one eye here in USA. I will need the help from everyone who knows me  and dont know me, and would like to help me to save my eyesigth. I can get my treatment done as soon as I get the whole amount of money.  I am working on a side job to save my money but if anything else helps me to get it sooner, that will be great. 
Please consider donating and share the word to a few people you'd like to share my story with.!!!

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