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Please Help us Pay for Rent
Hello, everyone. 

This is generally my last resort, but I feel as if I have no other options at this point. In December, my fiance and I moved into our first apartment together and we were living without a car. I'm a junior in college and work on campus. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my first paycheck until this past Thursday, but I can only work 13 hours a week because I'm a full-time student as well, so the check wasn't really enough to pay for everything. We were fine for our first two months of rent and bills, but we soon realized how difficult life would be with without a car. We found a beater that we ended up buying for $500, and then we couldn't afford to get it on the road (getting insurance and getting a license plate). That first check I received went directly to pay for said insurance and license plate, so on the plus side, we have a legal car now. But now our rent is due on this coming Thursday, but we have absolutely no way of paying our rent for this month. My fiance was finally contacted about a job and started just this past week, so we're going to be much more stable when we start getting constant checks from him as well. For now, however, the $330 is just unattainable for this week. 

There's one other thing I hate to ask for, but it's getting necessary now. My cell phone is almost 3 years old and at this point, it's stopped charging almost entirely. It dies after about 2 minutes of being unplugged, which has been a common problem for iPhone 6's, I've figured out after trying to research the problem. I have to have a charging case on it all the time to even be able to use it, and even so now it'll randomly restart and turn off while it's charging. Having my fiance at a new job and not seeing him for hours, having a cat that has diabetes, knowing my parents are going through a divorce, and trying to find a balance through all of these things is difficult in general, but not having a cell phone makes it 100% harder. I have insurance on the phone because I'm on my parents' plan, but I don't have the $150 too pay for the deductible. I've been putting this off for quite a while because the phone was still at least working at that point, but now I feel as if I can't wait much longer before it won't even turn on anymore.

Please, if you have anything to donate and feel comfortable doing so, I would greatly appreciate it. Anything will help us afford to live. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll get back to you!

Thanks again,
Emmett and his fiance Lucas
Michigan, USA

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