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Paying for therapy issues/Mental health
Collecting donations for BetterHelp 1-month subscription – $25 needed 

I have already spent all the money my Mom could give me, and she even gave me "more than she could", if you know what I mean, for a course Mental Health Masterclass from Radical Transformation Project. It costs $29. Essentially it’s about making your personal plan for taking care of your mental health and setting a method for working on it indefinitely. I felt that it’s a perfect choice for me, because I was chasing resources, and I’ve been researching a lot about that issue, and having all those at the same place sounded very convenient. As you can see, if you look at the curriculum at the course’s page, one part of the plan can be therapy. I haven’t been on therapy for a long time. I figured out that it would help me immensely, especially for around 3 months period, during my Skillshare Mavericks training for Product Designer. (you can learn about it here) That program means really a lot to me. You get around 35 portfolio pieces, career coaching, mentorship, and private job and freelance opportunities in this field, when the school/program ends. I l ♥ it, but I feel like I can’t cope good enough with it because of my Bipolar type 2 mental illness, and that I’m unfortunately not very resilient, even though that is a prerequisite for participation. My mood also gets in the way of even basic functioning, not to mention learning and creating projects for a rigorous school. However, the most important prerequisite is motivation, and I try to cultivate it daily, even though I don’t actively participate in the program sometimes. There will be another 2 programs in spring, and they’ll release even more in the future if you’re interested. ? I want also to mention that, due to the mental health issues I haven't finished high school yet, and I'm 25 already. My dad died in 2002, leaving my Mom, myself and my autistic brother on our own. I have loads of emotional issues. 

However, even though I said I fear that I’m not resilient enough for it and that I am not enough mentally healthy to pursue it, there is a website and an app that is called BetterHelp, and that offers online therapy. It’s really expensive, but I managed to get 80% discount for all services until March because I completed the questionnaire when I clicked on the button that says something like “I cannot afford therapy”. This is not everything that happened. Namely, I completed all prerequisites to be connected with a therapist, and because I couldn’t pay for it, I went away from it. However, I’ve received 2 emails: one with a message from a therapist, and the second was an automated email that informed me that they’ve matched me with a therapist. I then entered the website again, and I saw the message in a private room, with the option to respond with my own. So I did it. I wrote everything that is bothering me, etc, and then… bang – I wasn’t able to send it, and every time I tried to do that, I’d get a pop-up with payment options.


I received the money back from the Smilecourse, and now I "only" need $25. 

Thank you so much for reading this! If some people give me just a little, it will be enough for me to reach a goal of $25. But, feel free to donate whatever sum you wish.  Smile

Heart Thank You  Heart

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