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Please read
Hello and thanks to those who are taking there time to read this. I'm gonna start by telling u that I have a beautiful 9 and 5 year old and they are the very reason I'm doing this. I have lived in poverty all my life and was raised by addicts. I hope that one day my dream of being financially stable will become a reality so my children doesn't suffer the same fate as i. I feel really rediculous for having to go through this process but hope to get sufficient help to obtain full custody of my children and to provide a good enough life for them not to be a self sufficient member of society they currently live with their mother who is a junkie as I once was and tried tohelp her out of.well I'm gonna make this short and. Sweet I need money to obtain. A home a lawyer and schooling to give. My children a fighting chance at life one i never had. So please for the sake of my kids please help.  Please donate to paypal with /lkidsfuture as the end of link

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