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Re-tread laid off, Desperately Needs $200-800 for Rent
Hello.  Thank you for caring since 1985, I have supported myself and many pets who lived to ripe old ages.  My family of origin was small and dysfunctional with incest and alcoholism, so I don't really have anyone.  After a long career, I was laid off in 2007 and am getting laid off again from a hospital now.  The landlady rightfully has breathed down my neck, but this layoff is bad just like the one in 2007.  I only have $200, and I don't qualify for benefits as far as I have been able to verify.  I love to work, even though I can't work 40 hours.  I have supported my 17-year old cat for 15 years.  I need rent money to keep this elderly cat and me together until I get hired.  I am afraid of homelessness because our area has no shelter. I would likely die of the elements, because of poor circulation due to several medical conditions, some of which are injury-related at a time when Obamacare did not exist and I wasn't able to do Cobra health insurance.  This isn't to complain, it's just that I am more fragile than when I was young.  I used to take care of an acre and have been through 13 floods.... so I'm used to toughing it, but am not as healthy as I used to be.  I am a graduate of the University of Washington and The Evergreen State College, having studied humanities, legal research methods, business administration, and library science.  I graduated from Mountain View High School in Vancouver, WA.  I have volunteered for 2 homeless shelters in my life, as well as the county watershed committee. I also volunteered for dog rescue, including being a foster home for Bullseye Dog Rescue.  I also volunteered for community radio, community theater, and for a community college computer recycling program.  When I was young, I volunteered a year for the State Patrol.  Any help would be appreciated.  I started working as a child, from berry picking to weekly paper routes, to daily paper routes, to child care, to working in cinemas after school. I love to work, but many jobs have been off-shored.  I owe the landlady (an older woman supporting her mother to some extent) $200 from last week, and $200 more to finish my deposit.  April 1, I need $600 for rent.  And here public transportation is just as expensive as driving, at a time when my 1993 Nissan Altima engine sounds very rough.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you for your time.
(01-17-2019, 02:53 PM)Aunity Wrote: You can also get the some of the tips about the rent where you can get the new house for the cheaper price.I have checked some houses on the uk superiorpapers site where I got the some rates about the rent of house.

Well, the thing is, I can't afford to rent a house. I just rent a room.  Sorry for the misunderstanding,
Last resort you need to build a tiny home or Cobb house, never rely on public help unless you qualify.. I've been reading slot about such and I may do so when I get land. Try barter to get land, you may have to for types of house you want? Just a suggestion. Go to my page you can check out mercari (where you can sell online) it will take you to my sellers page of goods but I'm treat help you out as you mentioned being fragile? I don't know your age but you sound smart!

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