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i ca
i really need your help. 
i burrowed and collected 600$ from my family members and my friends to start a business.
i saw some items on and there was one which caught my attention , the seller had a gold account and everything seemed so legit but when i wanted to buy the item they asked to send through western union and when i asked why they said because they got so many orders and they cant have more on the site so in order to make it faster i should pay through WU.
im so dumb : ( please help me , im in a really hard situation and 600$ is too much for me here in iran , i tried to save this month to pay them back but i have not come up with it due to expenses , they will never trust me again , im in debt and worst is that how can i tell them the money i burrowed from them got scammed by these ppl : (.
i made this horrible mistake , now i dont know how to face any of them and i have this terrible feeling , they ask me about the business and the money and i tell them that yeah the goods are on their way and i will be paying them back soon but i feel so empty and alone.
please help me , if everyone helps just a little bit i can overcome this situation. thank you for your time to read this.
my location might show up as elsewhere but i had to put it usa as paypal doesnt support iran because there are many sanctions against it.

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