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Banks have ruined me; I just want my life back
Click here to contribute to my financial hardship fund. Thank you. (

Money is nothing more than a concept designed to sustain the class system.

Hard work led to a successful, good life, before depression sparked an addiction to retail therapy, spending my way to happiness.

I was diagnosed in September 2015 but it wasn't until February I realised the primary cause was now debt.

My saviour: a £22,000 debt consolidation loan would save £15,000 interest, take me from -£1,000 monthly disposable income to +£1,000; I could repay £800 monthly with £800 to spending money.

A legal letter to all my lenders would refuse me credit until repaid, an attachment of earnings order would get HSBC their money before I got my wage and to default on a debt of over £15,000 would mean instant bankruptcy and total financial hardship. 

This workable, low-risk fix would have cured my depression and I could live again. Without, I'd be driven back to the payday lenders.

HSBC refused in March and June. I complained to their CEO. Two investigations over 5 days, took 7 weeks. During this time, missed payments destroyed my credit file and ability to borrow from anyone, all thanks to HSBC.

Last Thursday I faced sleeping on the street or walking 10 miles home. I've walked home twice in the past week because all my banks refused to lend me £10 for a train ticket.

Last Friday, I cried at my desk and visited Samaritans to talk about my problems.

I go to bed earlier every night, and my last thought is always "when I wake up, there's going to be even more of this s**t".

HSBC wrote off my £10,000 debt; they must've known they'd done wrong, but I need MONEY to survive... then I can pay off my debts.

I've tried to put things right, but the banks don't care. For example, HSBC's mental health team answered my phone call with "Good morning, HSBC Collections". Yes folks, HSBC's debt collectors are responsible for our mental health.

Please be kind. Please help. Thank you.

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