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Please! Need help with College Tuition
I am a 23 year old Culinary Arts major at Johnson & Wales . I am an international student from the Caribbean & because of this I am unable to work in the U.S due to having a student visa. It is very difficult to get a job on campus, so I depend on my parents who send me what little money they can. [Image: sad.png] 

I am currently in my last year of college & need a little more money for my tuition or there is a risk of expulsion, which messes up my visa status, puts my education on hold & ultimate stops me from achieving my goals. I have been crying and worried non - stop because even if I have to leave, I don't even have a way to fly home. 

I need $3500 but I am grateful for anything [Image: smile.png]  & you can donate here at :$ATR519

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