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Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place
Huh I have asked the State of California And the US  Government  for some need help it looks like my Family  and the folks in Lytle Creek will not receive any help at all  because the Feds will not declare our area  A State Of Emergency for the Fire  and we will not receive any kind of funding help from the (((((Fire))))) my family and others was caught off guard so I am on here to asked for some much need help to keep my two boys 13, and 18 off the street we lost our home and our lives have been turn upside down in a matter of hours ,in the fire everything I work for went up in smoke and ash  and we have no where to turn, trying to beat the heat and stay off the street if you know what I mean,Staying with some friends right now In Rancho Cucamonga dont know how long that will last ,any donation  any donations will be deeply appreciated Thank You and God Bless.


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