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Struggling Single Mom
I'm a single mother and though I have a great job and even have a part time position with another employer I still find myself struggling to make payments from utilities to the credit card debts I've acquired.  I've acquired most of my financial debt from poor decisions and out of desperation from child support payments either being smaller than they should be or non-existent sometimes months at a time.  I've been on this downward spiral for quite some time and wonder if it'll ever get better.

I'm asking for the help of someone, anyone that is willing to help.  I currently have multiple utility payments due this month that are already past due including my electricity, water and natural gas these bills are in total over $700.00.  My main reason for these being late is trying to keep a roof over mine and my daughter's head after my former roommate up and left without paying the remaining amounts on our former lease and trying to keep my daughter in her current after school program so I can continue to work.

I've looked into debt counseling and am trying to increase the number of days I'm working my part time position as well as work as much overtime my boss will allow me at my full time position just still feel the weight of everything on my shoulders and it's keeping me away from enjoying life with my daughter.

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