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Your change can help change in my life
Big Grin 
Crowd funding for Coding and programming

Scan any bottle of Spirits or cordials with your phone or tablet and get instant recipie's, quick mixers, party ideas, instant rebates and much more.
Drink recipes in the palm of your hand. 
No more recipe books or web searching for drink recipes.
Spirits of Mixology is not just a recipe guide, but SO much more!
Going into a package store with all the different types of products and flavors available can be extremely overwhelming. There are literally thousands of options, and without some kind of help or reference, most people tend to "go with what we know" and get the same old things and make the same old drinks. Don't get me wrong, there's something to be said for the standards, but it's time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  Of course, it'll tell you how to make a Screwdriver, but the real benefit of this app is in learning and trying something new. 
This app will give the consumers tons of information on any spirits bottle or cordials that they want to scan. The customer can pick up anything in the liquor store and scan it with their phone and a picture of the bottle will pop up. Tasting notes about the product will pop up, along with recipes and suggfor that product. The app will suggest popular drinks based on the customer's selections, while also introducing many options that the customer has probably never heard of. The user can also rate drinks and save their favorites. 
Manufacturers and suppliers are able to utilize this app by getting rebates to consumers and show new products coming soon, while also telling manufactures or suppliers how many times their products are scanned. This app is able to be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or by email so people can send their friends drinks to try or great party drink ideas. More great features and benefits will come from user feedback and suggestions through updates. Our goal is to have a completely functional, easy to use, and very user friendly tool.
We have been creating and documenting this concept for quite some time. The app has unique features not presently available in the marketplace. 
The only real challenges we currently face involve the programming and coding that's required to build such a complex database with so many unique features. Once that's successfully completed, the initial product launch will take place and consumer feedback will determine what added features will come via product updates.
Setbacks are virtually inevitable, and the only real way to handle them is to be immediately reactive and to make it a priority to make things roll as smoothly as possible. This is our primary starting venture of this kind, so it has our complete and individual attention.

1). Try new recipes with old and new products
2). Get more familiar with many types of products
3). Save money at liquor stores from instant rebates on products
4). Never pay full retail for select products at liquor stores 
5). Build a profile and share any party pics or events
6). Let suppliers send you cool merchandise for buying or scanning their products
7). Be able to scan and build drinks at resturaunts and bars 
8). More features and benefits to come on updates!
9). Get updates and early promotions on new products coming soon
Please look at the gallery of pics to see the App and some different brands and flavors that are out there.

I have hit a dead end with my finances and I'm almost at the end I just need a little more funding to finish the coding! I'm asking for HELP so I can create my vision and live my dream! Thank you for your time.

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