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Need Help with Move in Costs
I am a single mother of two boys, ages 10 and 16. I have a full time job and work so much that I honestly miss my children dearly. I pray that one day they will understand, but until then I spend every free moment I have with them, which unfortunately isn't enough for me.
For 5 years, I was unable to work as I was the unpaid, full time caregiver for my grandmother with late stage dementia. We lived with her during that time. The moment I was no longer caring for her, I immediately started my job. Now, we need to find a home to call our own.
I make enough money to pay all the bills. I'm not worried about that. However, our relocation situation is urgent and we must find a place and move ASAP. I don't have the money for the move in costs to get us into a home.
For first month's rent, security deposit, deposits for utilities and food, I need at least $2,000, and that's just enough without anything left over. I plan to furnish our place with the furniture that people give away for free on craigslist, knowing it will be in bad shape but I will do my best to fix up whatever I can find. Even though it breaks my heart because right now my car is paid off and is 100% mine, I am getting a car title loan (the only loan I am approved for, thanks to past medical bills), which will only give me a $500 jump start. I am still $1,500 short.
I will never turn down a donation and be eternally grateful, but I will also agree to a personal loan. If someone has the means to help me but would rather not give the money, I will sign a legal loan document and make monthly payments to my lender. I don't even mind if someone willing to give me a loan includes interest in the final amount owed. I understand that it is only fair and in exchange for helping my family, I don't care if you make a profit off of me.
If anyone wishes to simply donate (God bless you if you do!), my link will be included in this post. If anyone wishes to be my lender, please reply to this post and I'll give you my email for a private discussion. Either way, I really really need the help right now. Posting here is my last resort. My family desperately needs a home. 
If you can help, please please do. I can't believe I am begging, but here it is. The last of my pride is tied into this post.
Thank you for reading and for any consideration towards my situation. 

Prayers would be greatly appreciated, even if you can't help financially! I would love for my family to be included in anyone's prayer list! Thank you and God Bless!  Heart$Sadonia

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