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Need atleast $3500.00 ASAP
I am Surendra Singh from India, coming from a reputed family background, I've taken many risks in my life as I always wanted to set up my own business but unluckily was never successful, but I've not stopped taking risks though. I am married man with 2 kids of 7 years old daughter & 5 years old son. I have to take of my grand mother & my retired parents also. Over and above this I have my own personal debt that I've occurred due to  my risks that i've taken in life, I've tried my own consultancy agency, retailer shop, hotel business, and now into call center which is my expertise and I am sure I will succeed this time. But success will not come instantly and today I've faced a lifetime problem and for the same I need $3500.00 atleast to a bank in India, Muthoot Finance as I had taken a Gold loan for my hotel business in Aug 2012 and I dont wanna default the bank and also dont wanna loose all my wife and mom's gold jewelry as not only its precious but this jewelry is important as it has moral values and feelings attached to it as my mom will not say anything to me but she will emotionally break down if she looses her jewelry as they are very special to her. And I dont wanna be a reason for her emotional breakdown and   I fear what if something happens to her or dad because of the actions that the bank will take to recover their loan as they have always led a respectful life. I love them more than anything in this world. Hope you understand my emotions and helplessness. I am literally crying while I am writing this. Please help me
My paypal link :

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