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help for small buisness
Hello, I was born in this world from a poor family, growing up I took baths in creek for school, I had nothing. I hunted for food, if I didn't go kill for meat we didn't eat. My mother cooked our food outside on an open fire. Very poor life. At 16 I left home and become a drywall hanger for many years to help out my family. Start my own life but still very hard to make a decent living. Later age I fell off 3 bucks of scaffolding and broke my legs and pelvis. My days of drywall came to an end. I I could not walk for year an half till i healed. I decided to go to school and get my cdl lisence. I manage to pass school and got my cdls. It was my dream growing up and thanks to god I followed my dream. I drive truck now and home on weekends but pay is ok, I dont make eough money to provide for my family. My parents are old and on disability and not much so I help them out. I'm asking for help to start a small buisness to provide for my family much better. We have been poor for a long time now I like to leave something behind when I pass away from this life. So my children have a decent start and not be poor like I was. Any money will be grateful and god bless.thank you very much for the help..
I have PayPal acc. thank so much
Any donation will be great

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