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Please help me
I have never ever done anything like this in my life but I am desperate.  I would appreciate it if someone can help me financially. I am about to lose my home if I don't have any money soon.  I have stooped so low as to get payday loans but that's not working.  My 75 year old husband needs dental surgery next week.  I just don't know what I'm going to do.  I even got a loan on my wedding band at a pawn store and I don't know if I'll be able to buy that back.  If my husband knew of our dire financial situation he would surely die. No one will give me a second chance. I just need a little help so I can stand tall again. I feel so humilitated asking for help, but I don't have any other choice.  I am sincere about this and would hope that there is someone out there in the world with a heart who could help me.  I would be most grateful and appreciative.  Thank you for reading this.

Any help you could give me would be so very much appreciated. My PayPal account is thank you.

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