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I really need help asap
I am a 25 year old female in Florida. My name is Annie and I am in a tough spot right now. I've been kicked out of my moms house because she didn't agree with me coming out as lesbian. I don't have a great job. I make enough to cover my car payment and insurance and gas. I had been looking for another job to help me save for a place of my own until I got kicked out.I am currently living in my car, I used the money for my insurance to pay for a hotel for a few days now I  am completely broke. My bank account is -31 my bank charging me over draft fees. I don't even have anything to get some food. I have no one else. I'm not even from Florida originally.I moved down here from Maine. I have no one else here.this is my last resort. So if anyone can help me I would forever be greatful and I would be able to make it.
You can donate to my paypal

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