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Need help struggling financially looking after brother with depression
Hi. I'm so sorry I have to do this. Ask for money when there people in worse situation than me. But I don't know what else to do. 
I have been looking after my little brother ever since he had some personal matters which lead him to attempt suicide. He is family, so obviously I took him in and put him under my care for the last 8 or so years, even though I wasn't in a great financial position at that time. The first few years was ok, I made do, cut all my social ties, only focused on working and have been trying to budget as much as I can on food and everything. But for the last year or so, the cost of living went up so much, and I can't keep up. Rent went up as well. 
Now I'm in deep financial stress. Took some loans thinking that things would get better eventually, but it didn't. I'm now over 1 month in rent arrears, electricity might get cut off. My pay barely cover to put meals on the plate. 

Please, if there is anybody out there who could help, you'll be a life saver. Anything will help.

Thank you

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Need help struggling financially looking after brother with depression - by Neo3903 - 02-01-2024, 05:36 AM

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