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Help me and my sweet daughter
Hi my name is Marius. I will present my sorrow to anyone who is willing to read it and why i had to resort to asking other people for help. In 2006 my wife and I started a small familly business. We opened a kurtocs kalacs mobile store. 
We made a bank credit so we could buy the tools and equipment needed to make the kurtocs and the car and caravan needed to carry them and move between towns participating at different carnivals and concerts organized by city halls. The business was working pretty good and in and in 2010 we gave birth to a trully beautiful daughter.
 After 2 years and a half my wife started to feel sick. I immediately took her to a hospital and from here on my world started to crumble :'(  .The pain, sorrow and tears can't be explained well enough just in words. The doctors said she had breast cancer stage 4 (terminal). They told me she had few more months to live maybe even half an year depending on her will and body. I prayed to god for a miracle (even though i don't believe in miracles) and i put all my efforts hoping to save my sweet, dear wife. I sold all the things i had bought to start the business (tools, cars, anything of value i had), and i even refinanced the loan with more money with the hope to cure my wife. 
After 3 months of treatment i got hold of the funds needed to operate her at the most renamed hospital in my country. The doctors there told me the truth, that there was a very small chance for her to survive but miracles happened in the past. Before entering the operation room, while she was lying in bed weakened by the illness, she told me with tears in her eyes while throwing a last smile for me ,, I love you, take good care of our sunshine and live on for her". I couldn't hold myself any longer after this words, my hearth started to sting and i bursted in tears cause I knew this were her last words and so did she. With my last voice and tears in eyes I managed to tell her ,, I hope one day you will be reunited with the ones you cherish".
 After a few hours a doctor came from the operation room a told me that they made everything they could but she passed away. I was devastated. How could i tell to my baby girl that her mother is no longer with us. At the funeral i told her that god sometimes needs help from people and that she went to help him. I left her in my mother care and for 3 months I suffered and I thought what would I do without her. 
She was a good, kindheart and smart person. I got myself together with the help of my friends and family and thanks to my little sweet pea I had to go on for her. With that said I have many debts in bank because of the refinance and the big sum of loan and I can't  manage to pay it anymore even with the help of my mother that is a pensioner. I am hired but my remuneration is not enough because in the country i live the salaries are low. I am afraid that they i will even lose my house because of the loan.
 We barely scrape by with the food and my hearth is crying when my sweet daughter asks me for some sweets or sees other children eating things outside and I tell her we can't afford it and lie to her that I will bring her the next day.
 I can't take it any longer and manage to pay the debts (19.000$ the interest rate is very big)  so I will resort to the kindness of you people and ask for any donation possible no matter how small. Any sum will help me get out from this hole.
I hope no one gets through what I went, not even my worst enemies.
 It is a harsh world and I hope that one day any disease will be curable so that no one gets their family and dreams destroyed by a disease.
Thank you very much!

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