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Hello everyone. First please let me thank anyone who searches sites like this to help people like me. My name is Leslie and I have a story for you that I hope you read to the end and of course the beauty of giving is choice. So before I go on if you choose to give I just made a cash app account and my cash tag is $leslielesliew69. So now how to tell this. Well it's about my husband who has given so much to the point where the last thing he gave has shortened what life he has left and sadly he has been through so much yet he stays quiet and continues to give. He has no idea I'm doing this and I just want to surprise him with with something he really deserves and I need help to do this. I'm apologizing now because it's kinda a bit long but I ask you to read all the way so you understand what happened and why I am doing this. So to start with my husband is 64 years old  he is 20 years older than me and disabled mentally and disabled physically and his disability was caused by a horrible motorcycle accident he was in before I met him.First he was pronounced DOA by the EMT'S  and taken to the morgue. He woke up cold, nekade and toe tagged in a body bag and thank God for the morticians assistant who just happened to stay working late that night and heard him screaming at the top of his lungs and banging on from inside the morgue draw. Had the assistant left he would have died from suffocation.As it goes on he was taken to the hospital and wound up in a coma for some time and finally when he woke up he couldn't speak because his face was bandaged and his mouth was pinned and bolted shut with just enough open to suck food through a straw and to make matters worse he had severe amnesia and couldn't remember anything, who he was or what happened and the whole time his family thought he was dead so he was sad because no one visited him. That accident left him with a disfigured jaw that can't ever be fixed. Moving along he wound up homeless after that for years until we met. We have been together now for 7years and it's been rough and we stayed homeless and being homeless was hard enough. People are not so kind to homeless,we lived in tents that we have had bottles thrown at us and we are in the newspaper because we met a young lady who said she needed help so we allowed her to stay in our tent while we ran some errands just to come back and find the fire department there and police and arson units because the young lady went crazy and set our tent on fire and it exploded and we lost everything we had. We couldn't even get a shelter because they were either full or we had to be separated and my husband absolutely cannot be alone so we found some sheets and made a little hut and we held on to each other and prayed. We went back to Hollywood and a friend gave us a tent he had and we moved under Gower bridge and stayed there up until the COVID-19 pandemic started where LACDA and LASHA sent out some nonprofit organizations to help homeless people get off the streets. We were taken by People's Concern and it was hell and this is where his already bad health had taken an even worse turn. I might add that with his Cancer he was informed by 3different specialists that he will die a very painful and slow death. All I have written here should be enough but there more. About that worse turn, we were placed in a hotel downtown where for the first week he was ok but then the second week I would wake up and he would be walking out the door grumbling under his breath with a broom and dustpan. This went on for about 4days until I woke up one day looking for him to find him outside in the back dumpster area sweeping. I scared him because he didn't see me standing there and I asked him what he was doing and he shushed me and said look over there and I looked and all over the ground were used dirty bloody needles. My husband is an x heroin addict. He has been clean for over 20 years now. He said he noticed the needles and he got scared because he knew a few of the moms that lived there and he saw their children would be running around and playing back there and he didn't want them to get hurt by falling on one or playing around and pick one up so everyday without the manager knowing he would get up early and go sweep them up. And ironically I have overheard heard the manager asking his workers who had been cleaning up back there and none of them had any idea. I didn't think much about it at the time because I am still sleeping at that time so I was surprised when I found him doing it. He said he likes the manager too and he didn't want him to get sued if something happened. One day the manager come out early and saw him cleaning and he was doing it Free so the manager agreed and let him continue to clean. I agreed and started to help him. And then it happened. One day we went to clean and there was a guy back there getting high and my husband didn't want to offend him so he asked him to just make sure he threw away everything when he finished and the guy said ok. Just before he left he threw a bag on top of the open dumpster and left. We start cleaning up but the dumpster was so full when he went to go throw some garbage bags from one dumpster to the other he grabbed the bag the guy threw and he started screaming and pulled out his hand and there were 3 needles full of blood stuck in his hand right threw the bag and the glove. When I saw that I felt sick to my stomach and I pulled them out. My husband remember is slow minded and what takes a normal mind seconds to comprehend takes my husband days to understand if he understands at all. He washed his hands and he just went back to clean. He didn't even tell the manager about that. A month later we went to his doctor appointment and he said he wasn't feeling so well so I told his doctor about what happened so he asked him if he would be willing to take a HIV test and he said sure and when we got the results back he tested positive for HIV. My husband looked at me and "said it's ok honey, I'm already sick and dying anyway so better me get this then someone's baby", and he put his head down in his lap and just started crying. He never ever said anything to the manager and he continued to clean there all the way till we got housed just receently. And finally we don't have much but he bought us chopper bikes as a gift. We rode them everywhere and they were our  only source transportation. A friend suggested we put motors on them. It took us all the money we had and a year to put them on ourselves just to have mine stolen by someone we knew on my birthday. My husband and I don't fight people and to add insult to injury, we've seen people riding my bike around where we live. We reported it stolen but my husband is elderly and didn't want problems because the guy who stole it was the same guy who offered to help us put the motors on them and we had no idea he is a gang member so we just let it go. Because of that we have been confined inside all this summer. My husband has been through so much and this is why I'm doing this and asking for someone to have a heart and bless us. My husband doesn't understand anything about cash app so he doesn't have an account but I do and it will mean everything to me to be able to bless him with something wonderful just once before he passes away. Thank You for allowing me to share this with you and I pray that we get considered.The picture your looking at is of myself and husband right now. If you want me to send a video of us to be sure I'm for real I will gladly do so. Thank You.

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