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Student in dept got scammed
Hello everyone
I need your help to pay of my dept of 4000$. I'm a student and part time waitress. Last year I was trying to earn extra money because of lockdown and no job. I applied for a job on for text translation. I had to pay a $ 50 deposit as security ff that I would make the translation. That payment was via paypal. I was then contacted by the “manager in charge of my project” and asked for a $ 300 conection fee to keep our accounts connected. I was supposed to pay as friends and family but I mistakenly paid as a payment for the service, so I had to pay another $ 300. I did the translation and when I asked for my  payment, I got the message that there was a problem with paypal and that we would continue with the payout in bitcoin. He then returned that $ 600 to me and told me to pay into his wallet address. It was my first time dealing with crypto payments. After I paid that $ 600, I had to pay a conection fee so that our wallets would be connected. He first told me that the fee was $ 250, and later received a mail that the fee was $ 400 and that I still had to pay $ 150. After I paid that $ 150 he said the transaction was not carried out and that he did not receive bitcoins. And that I have to pay $ 150 again. After I paid that $ 150 I got a message that I was still not connected. And that the deadline for my project has passed and that I have to pay $ 200 to get payment and $ 400 to connect our wallets. I paid $ 350 because I didn't have any more. After that because the project is over I have to pay a $ 270 fee to get my payment. Again the transaction could not be confirmed and I paid $ 270 again. That payment passed and I received a message that payment had been paid into my wallet. But a few hours later I received a message that his transaction had been rejected and the money returned to his wallet. He told me that he could not pay my salary in bitcoin and that he would pay it through western union directly to my bank account. But for that I have to pay a $ 570 fee again. I paid, but I got a message that the transaction was not confirmed to him and that I have to pay $ 570 again. And so it goes round and round. He would send me a message that he cannot confirm the transaction even though all payments have been confirmed on the blockchain explorer. He told me it was his firm's policy. That all these conection fees are refundable fees. And that they are included in my total salary. And that the company's policy does not allow for fee to be deducted from my total salary. Also I asked for a refund, but his company policy can't do it if I don’t pay for more fees.
I was only trying to earn extra money doing honest freelancer job. But all I got is a 4000$ dept.
If you can help me, please be kind.

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