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Please help me
I am ashamed of my current situation and i don't know what to do. I am in debt and can no longer pay all payments. I live in Latvia. I work almost every day for 12 hours or more, but my salary is very small. I'm really trying to deal with everything, but I'm getting into more and more debt. I don't have anyone to help. My debt is 4,300 euros. I have tried to re-credit the debt to reduce the monthly payments, but all the companies and banks refuse me. It all started with a bad relationship with a man who is an alcoholic. But I was stupid and in love. He spends almost all of his money on alcohol and gambling, while I tried to pay all bills. And of course I ran out of money, so I started borrowing. Gradually, I began to drown in even greater debt, but he continued to drink. I did everything I could to improve the situation. I even worked 300 hours a month, but in the meantime he drank more and more and didn't go to work. So here i am - ashamed, in dept, burn out and with depression. I'm so tired of having to deal with everything on my own, but he's spending money on alcohol in the meantime. I want to end the relationship, but I can't because I have nowhere to go. All my salary goes into payments. I'm stuck and desperate. And now i still need money to repair the car. I can't get to work without a car because I live in the countryside but work in the city. I need a miracle to get out of this situation. I know that I am to blame for borrowing more and more money and not ending the relationship sooner. Please help me. And thank you for listening to me. My paypal link:

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