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No RENT, illness dismissed, selfish family
Hi everyone…

I’m sorry if I go off on a ramble, there are a lot of details that I’ll try to keep short and to the point and, as stated in the title, I don’t have rent that’s due in a few days and here’s why:

Main thing is I get terrible anxiety to the point of not being able to leave my ROOM. It’s affected my working life immensely as you could imagine.
I actually got laid off from my last job after having a medical leave of absence because the pandemic hit a few weeks prior to my return date, so I couldn’t get my approval on time to return back to work (which obviously heightened my anxiety even more).
All that mess led to me doing Instacart and, while I’m extremely grateful for that option, it hasn’t been enough. Sometimes I’ll head out for work but just sit in my car for hours because I’m afraid to start… why, I couldn’t tell you.
To note, I’d been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and I’ve been wondering if these are all symptoms of possibly ADD or high functioning autism (considering that I have the toughest time visiting with even family). But when brought up to my therapist she quickly became dismissive and we haven’t broached the subject again.

By some miracle, I got a job that I’ll be starting in January and I’m greatly hopeful and excited, but for now I have these two months that I need to figure out for rent. I can’t even ask my aunts for a break (they own the house but don’t live there) because they already skimp out on what they own my mom from the house, I wouldn’t doubt that they’d kick me out for not having the money.

Thank you SO MUCH for reading. I don’t know how these things go and I hadn’t  looked at anyone else’s so I hope this isn’t too much or not enough information.

I have PayPal, Venmo, and Cashapp. I only saw this site mention PayPal so I think I’m just supposed to include the link right?¤cy_code=USD

Or to bypass the donation fee, my email for it is
Thank you in advance to anyone who even considers donating, from the bottom of my heart.

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