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Pregnant and Homeless in a Dangerous City- Please Help!
Hi everyone. I'm 19 and I recently found out that I was pregnant and I told my family yesterday, February 19th. They didn't take it well and kicked me out. I only have two bags of my belongings and I don't even have a car to sleep in. I don't have anywhere I can stay here, so I'm outside until next month, as of right now I've been sitting outside of a Wawa just to use the internet and go inside for warmth. I'm able to get a room in a shared apartment in Mid-March, my move in day is March 20th. Unfortunately, I've already talked to the landlord and there's no way I can move in earlier. 

Before I ask for money, let me say I am in the process of starting a new job. I had an interview today and got the job! However, I don't start until next week and won't get my first (and smallest) check until March 5th. 

I'm asking for money to help me afford hotels until my move-in day, doctor's appointments/medications, and necessities such as food, toiletries, bus passes to go to the doctor and work, and any other necessary expenses I may encounter. I would like to try to raise at least $2,250. About $1,700 would go towards hotels (average price of $60 a night). While I know that's a lot, I'm not in a safe area. There are a lot of shootings very often and we've had snow and ice for over a week now, with more coming through Monday. I have a doctor's appointment on February 26th, and I have a $250 copay. The remaining $300 would go towards groceries, getting a monthly bus pass, and a small cushion in case of emergencies. Anything above $2,250 will be used for maternity leave. I get time off from work but I don't make any money then, and will not have income for those few weeks. 

Thank you in advance for any help, it can all be used and will be greatly appreciated. I've also added a picture of my last ultrasound as proof. My paypal is, my CashApp is $whiteroses913, and my Venmo is whiteroses913. Thank you again!

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